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Ultra-rugged Android data controller with 5.5” HD+ display for different applications.



Step into a new dimension of field operations with the ORB, a sleek, lightweight, and highly-proficient Android 10 data collector. Designed meticulously for surveying and mapping tasks, its ergonomic design includes an alphanumeric keypad that enhances your efficiency and accuracy. Boasting a resilient 5.5-inch DragonTrail™ display, the ORBIT guarantees enduring performance, exceptional sunlight visibility, and rugged durability.


Unveiling Crystal Clarity: Elevate Your Data Viewing Experience

Experience enhanced clarity and intuitiveness through the expansive 5.5-inch HD+ display, radiating exceptional brightness. From intricate survey projects to DXF base maps and data tables, every detail is vividly showcased, optimizing your viewing experience. With a remarkable 500 nits brightness, your data remains effortlessly legible, catering to all weather scenarios—be it the brightest sunlight or a rainy day. Navigate projects and maps seamlessly within your work environment, ensuring you can dedicate your full attention to tasks in the utmost efficient manner.


Built to Endure: Rugged Protection for Every Situation

Experience unmatched durability with the DragonTrail™ glass display, ensuring ultra-toughness and scratch resistance. Safeguarding against daily wear and unexpected drops up to 1.5 meters, the ORB guarantees enduring performance.

Engineered for the most challenging environments, MIL-STD 810 certification and an IP67 rating establish a foundation of extreme durability and unwavering reliability. The nine-axis compass, enhanced by a gyro fusion algorithm, counters magnetic interference, providing accurate heading information.

Elevate your surveying endeavors with the ORB's exceptional features, ensuring precise results and greater efficiency across common applications, including GNSS RTK stakeout surveys.


Unleash Peak Performance with Cutting-Edge Technology

Experience unprecedented power with the ORB, equipped with the Helio MTK 6762 eight-core processor. Boasting 50% faster speeds and 25% less power consumption than its predecessors, the ORB elevates performance to new heights.

The Android 10 operating system ensures seamless CAD drawing management and base map display, while high-performance LPDDR4 memory guarantees lightning-fast data transfers, enabling instant uploads of sizable project files.

Stay seamlessly connected with the built-in 4G cellular modem, ensuring a stable and reliable Internet connection. Unlock the potential of the 90-day trial version of the Spacecraft Surveying and Mapping App, complete with integrated cloud services for data sharing and convenient one-click remote support from any location.


Precision Meets Portability

The ORB boasts a slender form, measuring just 1.54 cm in thickness and tipping the scales at a mere 345 g. This positions it as the paramount lightweight companion for surveying and mapping tasks.

Engineered with an ergonomic blueprint meticulously fine-tuned for field utilization, its single-handed grasp offers exceptional maneuverability and streamlined operation. Enhancing adaptability, a personalized shortcut key located along its side enables swift measurements in a single step, facilitating rapid data input. Furthermore, its enduring battery life ensures seamless data collection throughout extended field missions.

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